#coffeeclub: Café Stenz, Waldfriedhofstraße

If I told you that you could get incredible brunches, cake and coffee on a weekend in Munich without queuing or reserving weeks in advance, would you believe me? Well, for all the nonbelievers, be prepared to be amazed and welcome: Café Stenz Waldfriedhofstraße.

Somewhat out of the city, Sendling Westpark has been flailing over the last few years in terms of cafe and foodie offerings. Gentrification hasn’t quite hit: due in part to the seemingly never-ending building of the tunnel at Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz, plus the higgledy piggledy mix of residents in this area, which means that it’s hard to pinpoint a vibe that will work. But, since the finishing of the tunnel, and the astounding success of trendy local Cafe Gans am Wasser in Westpark, other Munich cafe entrepreneurs have started to look up and take notice of this untapped area of the city.

One such place is the somewhat new-on-the-scene: Café Stenz. A smaller sister cafe of Stenz on Lindwurmstrasse – which is closer to the heart of Sendling – this Sendling-Westpark outpost is exactly what the area has been calling, no, screaming for, the last few years.

With a pastel design aesthetic which is bound to make any millennial go weak at the knees, combined with cosy corners and window seats, those frequenting this cafe are bound to want to stay a while. And they can do so, without being told the increasingly standard Sunday line in other cafés: that they have a 1 and a half hour limit to their enjoyment.

Coffee snobs won't be able to pick apart Stenz's barista efforts even for want of trying because the coffee here is, simply, top notch. It's choosing what to nibble on alongside your caffeine hit that's the difficult part. One of Stenz's infamous breakfast box trays? Some of the freshly made waffles scattered with fruit, or cinnamon and sugar? A slice of one of the mouth watering cakes crying out to you from behind the vitrine? It will quickly become an all-encompassing dilemma for any avid foodie worth their salt.

So, for those looking to escape the Schwabing brunch schickeria, why not head over to Café Stenz for a welcome change of scene to switch things up a bit this Sunday.

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