#foodieFriday: White Rabbit's Room

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This #foodiefriday it's time to make like Alice and go down the rabbit hole. Ok, well not exactly, but stepping into White Rabbit's Room close to Rosenheimerplatz may certainly feel like stepping into a storybook.


The 'corner store' within the cafe space. Oh, and the chai lattes, let's not forget those  - the ones whipped up here have got to be some of the best in the city


White Rabbit's Room was the epitome of hygge before hygge even became a trend on the hipster radar. It's a cosy place with a Scandi feel, which is undoubtedly thanks to the minimalist chic, white on wood approach. Despite its cool environs though it is, of course, its approach which sets it apart -  there are no cookie cutter, processed foods to be found here, oh no! White Rabbit's Room is all about the fresh and the homemade, and when I say all, I mean 'all', because everything served on the menu here is made on-site and on the day.


In case it's not already clear from the name, this cafe's interior theme is based on Alice in Wonderland's famous White Rabbit character. It should come, therefore, as no surprise that this cafe boasts creamy, chic white walls, sugary sweet treats and an artsy vibe – all of which make it worthy of belonging to Wonderland itself. It's a popular weekend spot, so the room is always filled with the warm murmuring of friends and families exchanging stories over steaming hot cups of coffee and tea, accompanied by an array of different delights. It's still a great place to visit solo though, because even if sitting alone you'll still feel part of a crowd – in fact, even more so if you share one of the long benches which, by their nature, encourage mingling.


Whether you're just in need of a pastry and a hot drink pick-me-up, or in the mood for a an extensive breakfast, White Rabbit's Room has a little something for everyone. This makes it perfect for whatever time of day you decide to drop by for a visit because you know there's always going to be something on the menu to satisfy sweet or salty cravings. Late brunch fiends should be aware that the breakfast items are only on offer until 2:30pm, rather than the often standard 4pm, so make sure to haul yourself out of the duvet in time to avoid disappointment (and to avoid double disappointment, also make sure to reserve). As I was stopping by on a Saturday afternoon, I opted for a sweet snack – fresh, homemade waffles sprinkled with icing sugar, with a side of seasonal fruit – and I was impressed. It may sound cliché, but you could really tell that the batter didn't come out of a bottle because the waffles were so fluffy and light (just what the doctor ordered after a morning of Marienplatz shopping!) There's one catch though, you can only get these waffle treats on the weekend, so make sure to stop by then if these are what you're after!

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