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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

This time I went to Copenhagen with a companion – but the city was so wonderful that I couldn't help but share some of the solo tips I picked up along the way as I went. However, when getting to accommodation recommendations, things get tricky. As you well know, I tend to steer away from Air BnBs when travelling solo for various reasons, the main one being, that if things go wrong (e.g. it's a scam, it's terrible, the owner doesn't turn up to give you the key) who are you going to call? I know that Air BnB are working hard to offer a support and refund service, but when alone I much prefer the reassurance of a 24/7 desk to deal with any mishaps than someone in another country on the end of a telephone line.

However, despite my own misgivings, many female travellers do opt for, and enjoy, the Air BnB option. In Copenhagen, like most of its Scandinavian counterparts, both Air BnBs and hotels are the same thing and that is: expensive. Even seemingly reasonably-priced (for Copenhagen) Air BnBs lump a hefty cleaning fee on top – undoubtedly because cleaning services, like everything else in this city, cost a lot more. My companion and I had a stroke of luck though, and found this gem of a place in the trendy Nørrebro part of town – an area high up in the hipster neighbourhood ranking stakes.

Clean and full of character, our gracious host Julia's apartment seemed as though it had jumped out of an interior design magazine from a section entitled 'French chic meets Scandinavian style'. With two bedrooms and a generously-sized living room, it would be a challenge to want to leave this homely place. However, the dim chatter drifting in through the open window from the lively and trendy-looking bars and restaurants below will certainly prove too tempting to miss out on.

Although Julie's place is not suitable for a soloer – unless your budget is a little bigger, that is, in which case it's the perfect spot – I would certainly recommend the Nørrebro neighbourhood where it was situated if you're still  deciding on whereabouts to stay in Copenhagen. The area surrounding Julie street, Ravnsborggade, is full of life: cute cafes, restaurants brimming over by dinner time, a theatre, and small, enticing boutiques. It's also a stone's throw away from the water , a short 15-minute walk from the centre of town, and a slightly longer but doable stroll to the Nørreport train station which takes you to and from the airport. Although cool, Nørrebro also felt safe – even in the dead of night in cold December – and is certainly an area I wouldn't feel uncomfortable being alone as dusk draws in. I had heard stories of a little social unrest in this neighbourhood, but it certainly didn't feel that way in this area close the city centre's edge. So, while this time I can't quite tell you exactly where to hang your hat I can , however, wholeheartedly recommend that you try to place your travelling feet firmly within the Nørrebro neighbourhood, preferably in the area which sits on the city centre's rim. And, if you do, you're sure to have an authentic Danish experience.

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